Energy Saving Tips

  • 11/12/18

    How To Clean Your Dryer Vent

    Clean your dryer vent regularly and upgrade to metal duct pipes to reduce fire risks and lower your energy bill. Find out how to do it, which tools make it simple and the materials you may be using that can...

  • 11/12/18

    How To Choose LED Bulbs... Simplified

    Learn the simplest ways to choose LED light bulbs. These tips from Ace simplify all the technical terms. Instead of decoding how to convert watts to lumens and demystifying what kelvins are, you’ll get helpful advice to start saving time...

  • 06/12/18

    Energy Saving Tips: LED Light Bulbs - The Yearly Cost of Traditional vs. LED - Ace Hardware

    See how the annual cost of using an LED light bulb compares to incandescent, halogen and CFL light bulbs.

  • 06/12/18

    Energy Saving Tips: 5 Places To Use LED Light Bulbs - Ace Hardware

    Learn 5 places you should be using LED light bulbs in your home. Get quick tips on which lights to upgrade to LEDs so you can see the most energy savings and how they can save you time and...