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  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Comeback Can!

    Hands On Science, Season 2Comeback Can

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Heavy Newspaper

    Hands On Science, Season 2Heavy Newspaper (HOS Heavy Newspaper)

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Gravity Reflex Test

    Hands On Science, Season 2Gravity Reflex (HOS Gravity Reflex Test)

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Center of Gravity

    Hands On Science, Season 2Center of Gravity (HOS Center of Gravity)

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Impossible Balancer

    How impossible is the Impossible Balancer? Not so impossible! Just need to find your balance!

  • 11/12/18


    Travis, runs an aquaponics store on Waimanalo, Hawaii (Oahu). He enjoys growing a variety of vegetables and plants. You will hear him mention growing, "warabe" plant, which is "fern plant" in Japanese. Watch more great videos on!

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science DIY Bird Feeder

    Hands On Science, Season 2

  • 09/26/18

    A-Maze-ing Magnets

    Hands On Science, Season 2A-Maze-ing Magnets! (HOS A maze ing Magnets)

    Carr show Mel how to create a magnet maze!

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    What you need:Empty box (shoe box works fine) without...