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  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: DIY Puffy Paint

    Hands On Science, Season 2DIY Puffy Paint (HOS DIY Puffy Paint)

    Watch more of Carr and Mel:

    What you need:CupBottle of glue (Elmer's works best)Shaving cream (non-gel type)SpoonSandwich bag or any type of small closable bagsScissorsPaper/Construction/Cardstock type paperFood coloring...

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: DIY Hovercraft

    Hands On Science, Season 2CD Hovercraft (HOS CD Hovercraft)

    Take flight on a balloon!

    Carr and Mel show us how to make an easy hovercraft using an old CD and a balloon! Just need you to blow some air into...

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: DIY CD Racer

    Hands On Science, Season 2CD Racer (HOS CD Racer)

    Carr and Mel attempt to make their own racer, but it looks like it needs a bit of troubleshooting as it doesn't quite race on its own! Send your suggestions on...

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: Dry Ice Bubbles

    HOS Dry Ice Bubbles 2 0, Season 4

    Oh my goodness! Carr and Mel are using dry ice! **Please ask a parent(s) or guardian for permission to do this activity! It requires the use of dry ice, and shouldn't be...

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: Carr and Mel Boat Challenge!

    Hands On Science, Season 2Boat Challenge! (HOS Boat Challenge)

    Whose boat will stay afloat?

    Watch more of Carr & Mel on:

    Materials:Tub of waterAluminum foil cut in squareWashers or coins (need to be the same type of coins)

    How to...

  • 01/07/19

    Hands on Science: Envirobond

    HOS Envirobond, Season 4

    Carr and Mel conduct a little experiment using motor oil and some environbond.

  • 01/02/19

    Hands on Science: Fizzy Rainbow Lemons

    HOS Fizzy Rainbow Lemons, Season 4

    Lemons! What is Carr and Mel doing with those lemons?? Watch and discover on:

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Benham Wheel

    Hands On Science, Season 2Benham Wheel (HOS Benham Wheel)

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Balloon Skewers

    Ta-Do: Hands...On ScienceSeason 2! Episode 21 - Balloon Skewers

  • 11/12/18

    Hands On Science Ziploc Darts

    Hands On Science, Season 2Ziploc Darts (HOS Ziploc Darts)