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  • 02/15/19

    Hands On Science: Soap Powered Boat

    HOS Soap Powered Boat, Season 4

    Carr and Mel each have a styrofoam boat and decide to "race" each other!

  • 02/15/19

    Hands On Science: Impossible Balancer

    How impossible is the Impossible Balancer? Not so impossible! Just need to find your balance!

    Want to watch more great diy science activities? Go to Midnight Science Club.

  • 02/15/19

    Hands On Science: Color Scramble

    HOS Color Scramble, Season 4

    Carr plays tricks on Mel's eyes & brains! Watch, and then see if you can do it!

  • 02/15/19

    Hands On Science: Water Tension

    HOS Water Tension 2 0

    There's more to the water tension activity!

  • 02/15/19

    Hands On Science: Standing On A Dollar

    Hands...On Science! Season 5!

    Standing on a Dollar

    What is Carr doing with the dollar?

  • 02/15/19

    Hands On Science: Water Bottle Sprinkler

    Hands...On Science! Season 5!

    Water Bottle Sprinker

    Mel plays a trick on Carr using a water bottle!

    Go to to find more of Carr and Mel!

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: Color Changing Water

    HOS Color Changing Water, Season 4

    Carr and Mel make color change right before our eyes!

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: Water Filter 2.0

    Hands On Science, Season 2Water Filter, 2.0 (HOS Water Filter 2 0)

    Watch more of Carr and Mel on:

    What you need:Clear 2 liter bottleLarge cup of dirty water Spoon Paper towels/towelsCottonballs (6-8)Activated carbon (pre-rinsed), about a cupSand (pre-washed with...

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: DIY Apple Cider

    HOS Apple Cider, Season 4

    Yummy! Homemade apple cider! Watch Carr and Mel make their own apple cider using dry ice! All you need is a glass of apple juice, and add 2-3 small pieces of dry ice, wait until...

  • 01/15/19

    Hands on Science: DIY Snow

    Hands On Science, Season 2DIY Snow (HOS DIY Snow)

    Want to make your own snow?? Carr and Mel will show you how to bring the snow into your home!!

    Want to see more? Log onto:

    What you need:Large to medium...