Hardware Science Episodes

Hardware Science Episode cover a variety of topics including:

  • Making your own microscope out of hardware supplies
  • How to detect wind direction
  • Making your own solar eclipse sunglasses
  • Making an air thermometer

And much, much more!

  • 11/12/18

    Highlight Reel

    A look back at some of our favorite moments in the studio! [Vintage Hardware Science]

  • 11/12/18

    Wind Detector

    Wind-detecting workshop with Al [Vintage Hardware Science]

  • 11/12/18

    Hardware Store Microscope

    A 400 year-old set-up... made with things you can find at the hardware store! [Vintage Hardware Science]

  • 11/12/18

    Dirty Silver

    A very practical household use for chemistry! [Vintage Hardware Science]

  • 11/12/18

    Air Thermometer

    A DIY thermometer for your next heat wave! [Vintage Hardware Science]